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Disquisitions on Psychoanalysis 1997 - 2006

a compilation of ten monologues in print and on CD -

Noted Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Phillip Freeman Chronicles the Efforts of Modern Psychoanalysts to Hold onto Their Dignity while Adapting to the Marketplace

“…a literary genre invented by Phillip Freeman, compounded out of the spirit Freud’s essays, the most brilliant style of university lecture, the most subtle and savage standup comedy I have ever heard… a marriage of love, wit, great learning and immense intelligence. I know nothing remotely like them. It is a fantastic stroke of luck that they have found their way into print.”

Fredric Paul Smoler, Professor of Literature and History, Sarah Lawrence College

“Psychoanalysts tend to take themselves much too seriously… but Phillip Freeman has an antidote…he holds up a fun house mirror…ruthlessly surveying the field, mocking every sacred cow he can find. This he does with deadpan psychotic humor and irresistible charm. Phillip is the Shakespearean fool who illuminates, and thereby ameliorates, the tragedy.

Owen Renik, M.D. San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute

“We’re dwarfed not only by the brilliance of Phillip’s writing, but by the theater of his presentation, the uniquely matter-of-fact timbre and pace of his voice as he glides among his sparkling non sequiturs…” so writes psychoanalyst Alan Pollack, M.D. in the forward to Adaptations: Disquisitions on Psychoanalysis 1996-2006 (Hanns Sachs Library and Archives, Word Association Publishers, paperback, $15).

Adaptations: Disquisitions on Psychoanalysis is a witty and smart compilation of ten monologue speeches given by Boston psychoanalyst Phillip Freeman, M.D. from 1997-2006. These speeches are structured in a sharp literary genre conceptualized by Freeman and patterned after the style of that master of the essay form, Sigmund Freud — but then coupled with a savage style of standup comedy.

What do the perfection of Seville orange marmalade by Trappist monks, Clinton’s admittance to the Eucharist communion, and the use of an epoxy resin in the repair of the Sphinx have in common? They all have to do with the struggles of psychoanalysts to hold onto their dignity and identity in the modern marketplace.

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Freeman has entertained hundreds of Boston area psychoanalysts with annual monologues chronicling the well intended foibles of this most unmanageable of professions. Squeezed by pharmaceutical giants, managed care driven short term therapies, and the self-help industries, psychoanalysts have been forced out of their quiet offices into the forbidding deserts of commerce and community. Often the results have not been pretty. Sometimes they have been lured by the golden calf.

But the analysts are not alone. What profession is not on the run? Medicine, journalism, accounting, academia, publishing—all have struggled to hold onto some recognizable sense of themselves while seeking to adapt and survive in a fast paced, results driven modern economy. Readers of these chronicles of psychoanalytic villagers trying to recognize their own reflections in the mirror readily will recognize themselves and their own wounded disciplines.

A CD including three of the live performances of these monologues and one studio session accompanies the book. If time allows for little reading, dive right into the CD instead and take in the engaging delivery by Freeman as well as the robust responses from the live audience of analysts.

For lovers of psychoanalysis, of theatre, and/or of humor, Adaptations: Disquisitions on Psychoanalysis 1996-2006 (and its CD) provide an uncanny and delightful look at the nuances of our wounded disciplines.

Dr. Freeman also develops custom talks for professional groups, sympathetic to their struggles and adaptations, offered in the unique style of satirical monologues that have generated a large following in the Boston area. For further information, contact Dottie Jeffries,; (917) 445-7876.

About the author:

Phillip Freeman, M.D. is a practicing psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, author, and theatre/film consultant. He is training and supervising psychoanalyst at Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (BPSI) and a faculty member of the departments of psychiatry of the Harvard and Boston University medical schools.

Disquisitions on Psychoanalysis: Adaptations

by Phillip Freeman, M.D.

Hanns Sachs Library Archives and Word Association Publishers;

Paperback; ISBN 978-1-59571-216-5; 91 pages; $15.00; 2007.

Copies (retail or wholesale) may be ordered by calling 1-800-827-7903 or online at Amazon: Freeman/dp/159571216X/ref=sr_1_1/104-6308564- 6597549?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1193684476&sr=8-1

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