by Phillip Freeman, M.D., D.M.H.

 A Chronicle of the Efforts of Modern Psychoanalysts to Hold onto Their Dignity while Adapting to the Marketplace.

A compilation of ten monologues in print and on CD.
Hans Sachs Archives/Word Association Press, 2007, 91 pages.

What they say about ADAPTATIONS:

"...a literary genre invented by Phillip Freeman, compounded out of the spirit Freud’s essays, the most brilliant style of university lecture, the most subtle and savage standup comedy I have ever heard… a marriage of love, wit, great learning and immense intelligence.  I know nothing remotely like them. "

-Fredric Paul Smoler, Professor of Literature and History,
 Sarah Lawrence College

"These are the kinds of fast-paced, comedic monologues that warrant rereading/rehearing, not only because there are more subtle laughs to be had between the big guffaws, but because attending to the details of the multi-stranded stories allows for the fullest appreciation of Freeman’s underlying philosophy about psychoanalytic training and what it means in our current culture.."

Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association


-Vera Camden, American Imago 

"These brilliant nonlinear annual disquisitions on the state of psychoanalysis, gild their philosophic pills in marvelous comic display of their author’s erudition. Charming the reader as they illuminate the multiple problems currently facing psychoanalysts, they can provide profit and pleasure to a much wider readership than the local celebrant to whom they were originally addressed."

  -Anton Kris, M.D., Boston Psychoanalytic Institute

"...a running critique of the state of the discipline, more accurately, a critique of the state of Discipline itself in our time... Dr. Freeman has produced brilliantly creative, psychoanalytically informed satire. He has permitted himself, as Freud wrote of the social satirist Heine, ’to give expression--jokingly, at all events--to psychological truths that are severely proscribed.’ In taking this hallowed liberty, Dr. Freeman has produced a work that deserves reading by the widest possible audience."

    -Peter Wohlhauer, M.D., Boston Psychoanalytic Institute


"Psychoanalysts tend to take themselves much too seriously… but Phillip Freeman has an antidote…he holds up a fun house mirror…ruthlessly surveying the field, mocking every sacred cow he can find. This he does with deadpan psychotic humor and irresistible charm. Phillip is the Shakespearean fool who illuminates, and thereby ameliorates, the tragedy."

-Owen Renik, M.D.,  San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute

  "...this book is a breath of fresh air that allows us to keep our sense of humor as we confront the problems challenging psychoanalysis today."

-Review of Adaptations,
The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Vol. 78, No. 2, April 2009
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 Read the Press Release about the book. 

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